Income Wheel Warriors Book

The Income Wheel Warriors Book

The events of the year 2020 have changed the way we work, live, and provide for our families.

It has opened our eyes to the possibilities.

Maybe you don’t need to go to the office every day. Maybe you don’t even need to have a traditional job to provide a stable income for your family.

In Income Wheel Warriors, you’ll learn a framework for structuring your income so that you never have to get a traditional job again. Or, you can use the framework to develop a side income that will help you achieve your financial goals such as paying for college, retiring debt free, or going on your dream vacation.

This Framework Saved My Life

In 2010, I suffered a stress heart attack due to toxic work environment. At that point, I knew it was critical to take control of my career and develop a way to provide for my family that didn’t put me in toxic situations. Over the next four years I grew my business was able to leave my full-time job for good.

Since then, I’ve built multiple business and tried many ways to earn the income I need and build a life that makes me “deep down in the gut” happy. I wrote this book to share that method with you.

It doesn’t take a lot of money to get started. You don’t have to have a special talent or a head for business. What do you need is:

  • A desire to build a life that isn’t traditional but suits you and your family.
  • A willingness to dive in and learn new things.
  • The resiliency to make mistakes and keep on going.

Building a life that is not dependent on an employer for your income takes some time and work. It’s an investment in yourself. The returns can be priceless.

Income Wheel Warrior will be out in the Fall/Winter of 2021. If you’d like to receive emails about the book and the other classes I teach enter your details below! I do NOT share your information with ANYONE.