Kelly Phillips

eLearning and eCommerce Consultant

Upcoming Classes...

August 30th  – September 17th
November 1st – 19th

7:30 – 9pm online


$75 or free if you qualify

You’ll explore various methods and strategies for making money. Learn how to create a layered income, be your own boss, and begin earning money quickly without being “hired”.

Offered through Johnston Community College

October 4th – 22nd
7:30 – 9pm online

(Except for Memorial Day, class will be on Weds)


This all new course is designed to provide students with an overall understanding of how to market online. We’ll begin with an overview of digital marketing including how to conduct a marketing audit, set goals, and develop a strategic plan. Then, we’ll move through various digital marketing techniques covering popular social media platforms, email marketing, content marketing and paid advertising. Finally, we’ll learn how to measure your results using the top industry analytics tools.

Offered through Johnston Community College

August 11, 2021
10:00am – 11am Eastern 
Live Online


Take Care of Yourself & Take Care of Your Job Search.

Kelly Phillips and Susan Heart will walk you through their tried and true techniques for not just surviving, but acing your job search. You’ll lean powerful techniques for keeping yourself motivated, supported and packaging up your skills in for the best results possible.

About Me...

You may have met me at a networking meeting, were referred by a friend or colleague or even came across something about me online. However you got here, I'm glad you stopped by!

After a long and somewhat varied career in both the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds, I now offer my services in two main areas - elearning/training development and ecommerce/online marketing implementation. It may seem like an odd combination on the surface, but you'd be surprised how much the two have in common. Success in both fields often come down to how well you communicate an idea to your intended audience. Yes, communication - a skill I have been intensely studying, practicing and improving on for over 20 years.

In addition to my consulting services, I also enjoy speaking to groups on a variety of topics. I'm available for on-site workshops, online training sessions, and keynote speaking for your next event.

Please choose an area below to learn more:

eLearning/Training Course Development

With over 20 years of experience in the corporate training world, Kelly has the skills and experience to create your course using best practices in adult learning principles.

eCommerce/Online Marketing Implementation

Kelly is highly experienced in developing online stores in both Shopify and WordPress. With a combination of technical skill and marketing savvy, she can help you build and launch your online store.

Speaking Engagements

Inspire your audience with presentations on various topics from the technical to the motivational. Book a consultation to see how Kelly can add that extra energy to your next event.